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H & A Swing Saws, Proven Since 1921

We still manufacture three models of swing saws that were the original Heston & Anderson models.

Lockridge, IA, is only 12 miles from Heston & Anderson's old home of Fairfield, IA.

"Proven dependable since 1921"

Still the fastest swing saw for most cut-off operations in wood, plastic, or other comparable materials.

FAST... up to 72 cuts per minute readily adaptable to a wide variety of operations in various matirals.

GREATER CAPACITY ... clearance closer to arbor gives greater cutting capacity per diameter inch of blade.. more power.. lower cutter cost.

EASY OPERATION... because motor is mounted close to arbor, operator starts and stops less wieght each stroke result is less operator fatique, greater productivity.

MORE ACCURATE features like structural steel frames, stress proofed cast iron brackets, large bearings with wide center distance and structural steel beams assure more accurate cutting.

SAFETY FEATURES include hood guard over blade and rear guard in frame totally enclosed belt guard safety chain for limiting travel, distribution of wieght on arm causes blade to clear table quickly. heavy electrical wiring includes ground wire and electrical interlock, protected against automaticlly restarting after power failure. With optional automatic air operating unit, hand or foot control can be confieniently located at side so operator will not be in contact with blade during cut-off operation.

Plants using the H & A sing Saw have been OSHA inspected and approved.


Automatic Head Guard

Rear Guard and Dust Chute

"V" Belt Guards

Motor Mount

Saw Stop

Arbor Pulley

Saw Collars



Single or Three Phase Wiring Switches


Motor Pulleys and "V" Belts

Automatic Air Operating Unit

Model 55 supplied with 18" Blade at extra cost. Specifications subject to change without notice

H & A Saws Inc.
PO Box 127
Lockridge, IA 52635

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